“Your Security is Our Responsibility”

Who Are We?

We are an Auburn-based security company. We provide security systems to residential and commercial properties. We pride ourselves on being one of the leading security companies in the USA. 

We provide security systems like CCTV Camera, Home Automation, Fence, and Gate Security, Motion Detector, Access Control, etc.

We work along with the fence builders to provide fence security systems. All our services are custom made. We offer customized solutions as per the client’s needs.

Our History:

We have been in the security business for a long time now. It started with a small setup and few employees. In the beginning, there were not many employees working here. 

We started working with the fencing companies to provide fence security. We provided security systems to only corporates, but as the need for home security emerged, we expanded our business. 

Now, we provide services for commercial as well as residential properties. Now, we have a dedicated team of engineers who are experts in designing and installing security systems.

We provide security systems to elite clients, celebrities, business people, and regular clients. After installing the systems, we offer after-sales services and follow up with the clients regularly.

Our Team:

Meet our hardworking and enthusiastic team members. At ABM Systems, we work as a family rather than a team.

Director: The director is the head of the company. All the managers, technicians, and office staff works under the director. Every manager reports to the director. 

  • Technical Manager:

The technical manager takes care of the entire technical team. They mostly deal with the design of the security system.

  • Purchase Manager:

The purchase manager is responsible for acquiring all the latest gadgets ad parts needs for security systems.

  • Sales Manager:

The sales manager directly deals with the client. They determine the customer needs and provide them a tailor-made package.

  • Technical Team:

The technical team does all the technical work, which includes monitoring.

  • Installation Team:

This team installs the security systems.

  • Customer Service Team:

This team deals with customer queries, issues, and complaints.

Our Core Values:

ABM Systems is built on all these core values.

  • Latest Technology:

We use only the lasts of technology that is available in the market. Instead of using old and outdated technology, we update our security systems regularly.

  • Finest Technology:

We install the finest technology in your property. Your security is our responsibility.

  • Privacy:

We respect your privacy. We do not use your personal information to try to invade your privacy in any way.

  • Complete Security:

We provide complete security solutions. You don’t have to use any other measure to protect your property.

  • Tamper-Proof Solution:

Our security systems are tamper-proof. It will last for a long time and cannot be breached.

  • Customer Support:

We provide 24 X 7 customer support to our clients. We will provide you technical assistance as well as customer service.

Our Vision:

“To protect residential as well as commercial property by providing enhanced and high-tech security systems.”

Our Mission:

“To install up-to-date security systems in houses and properties thereby safeguarding the interest of the people and providing excellent customer service.”