“Stay Safe with ABM Systems”


Security has become a major concern because of growing problems like robbery, theft, burglary, breaking and entering terrorist attacks, and kidnapping.

The traditional security methods, like appointing security guards, don’t work anymore. If you want to stay safe, you need to invest in a good security system. 

At ABM System, we provide modern, customized, and up-to-date security systems to keep your property and perimeter security.

ABM Systems – Security Systems:

Located in Auburn, Alabama, ABM Systems is one of the leading security companies in the USA. We provide a wide range of security services for residential as well as commercial properties.

We offer top of the line surveillance systems. We work closely with a fence company in Auburn AL to install security cameras and all other surveillance devices to keep the perimeter safe.

Most of our clients are celebrities and high-class people. We secure their multi-million dollar houses with high-tech security fence systems while working along with fence builders. Along with that, we also provide services to many other companies and offices.

We use powerful and modern technology to secure your property. The devices we install are high-tech and tamper-proof. Nobody can tamper with our security system. 

We have well-experienced and skilled staff who design and install all the security systems. Our staff provides all the technical support you need. We provide customer care services, as well. If you face any problems with the security systems, you can easily reach us.

Our Security Systems:

At ABM Systems, we offer a wide range of security services. We pride ourselves in using custom made and tamper-proof security systems. 

Here is a list of all the surveillance systems we offer to enhance security.

  • Surveillance Cameras:

It is one of the most common security systems people use. With the help of a CCTV camera, you can record every activity. These cameras are mostly installed in offices and outside the house for added security. The camera records a video if everything that is happening. 

  • Motion Detection:

A motion detector is used to detect any unwanted or intrusive motion. If someone breaks into your house, it will detect the intruder’s motion and immediately send an alert to the control panel. 

  • Fingerprint Technology:

Fingerprint technology was earlier used only in commercial properties, but now many people are using this security technology in the home. Fingerprint technology basically gives you access to an area. If someone else tries to enter that area, they won’t be able to do it.

  • Access Control:

Access control is used in offices and corporations. It grants access as well as restricts the access. Access can be granted to selected people only. It includes card, keyfob, biometric, and keypad. To get access, you need to have the information or the card with you.

  • Gate and Fence Security Systems:

Gate and Fence Security are very important, especially if you own a huge property. Most of the time, people live in a property that is the size of a football ground. To secure the property fence and gates are needed. The fence and gates are equipped with CCCTV Cameras, Access Control, and Monitoring system.

  • Property Scanning:

With property scanning security systems, you can scan the entire perimeter of your property to know if something is wrong. The CCTV cameras are installed with live video footage offerings. The camera scans the property along with motion detection to track intruder’s motion.

  • Home Automation:

Home automation is one of the best security systems. You can use smart devices and control them with your phone. You can install a security camera and lock systems and control it with your smartphone.

  • Video Verification:

Instead of using a simple alarm system, you can go with video verification. Here a security camera is used outside your house. Whenever somebody stands outside your door, you will be able to see them live on the video.

  • Alarm Systems:

The alarm is a very common security system. With this system, you can set a code for extra security. Whenever somebody tries to enter your house without entering the code, the alarm will ring and alert will be sent.

  • Fire Alarm Systems:

You can also use the fire alarm system. This system detects fire in the house. In case of fire, the alarm rings, and water is sprayed from the ceiling to stop the fire.

Our Services:

We provide two major services, i.e., Commercial Security Services and Home Security Services.

You don’t have to install all the security systems. We provide custom made security systems as per your requirement.

Example: If you want to prospect your house from fire, we will offer only a Fire Alarm System. 

Each client is given a tailor-made security solution.

  • Commercial Security System:

This service is for huge commercial properties as well as small offices. These services are tailor-made to suit the organization’s requirements. Here, we offer all these security systems.

  • CCTV Camera
  • Motion Detection
  • Access Control
  • Fingerprint Technology
  • Gate and Fence Security Systems
  • Property Scanning
  • Video Verification
  • Fire Alarm System

Residential Security System:

This service is for residential properties. Some houses are small, while others are huge, so we provide custom solutions. The security system we install is based on the client’s requirement. We offer all these security solutions.

  • CCTV Camera
  • Motion Detection
  • Gate and Fence Security Systems
  • Property Scanning
  • Video Verification
  • Fire Alarm System
  • Alarm System
  • Home Automation

Benefits of ABM Security Systems:

Here is a list of all the benefits of ABM Security Systems.

  • Property Monitoring
  • Protect your Property form Fires
  • 24 X 7 Surveillance
  • Control Access within your Property
  • Get Video Access
  • Control the Security with your Smart Phone
  • Protect your Property against Burglars
  • Keep the Perimeter Safe and Secure

Our Clients:

Here is a list of all our clients.

  • Celebrities:

We work with lots of celebrities. We mostly install fence security systems to secure their property.

  • Businesses:

We also work with business people and millionaires. We provide security systems for their commercial offices as well as mansions.

  • Entrepreneurs:

Some of our clients are entrepreneurs. We provide commercial security solutions to them.

  • Organizations:

We provide commercial security systems to large as well as small organizations.

  • Working-Class People:

Our working-class clients opt for residential security systems to secure their houses as they are working most of the time.

  • Fence Companies:

We provide fence companies with fence security systems to secure the property.